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Solar Panel Installation

With the sun as a consistent and abundant energy source, solar panels have emerged as a pivotal solution for sustainable living. Our experienced team ensures the installation of high-performance solar panels, designed to maximize the return on your investment. With meticulous attention to detail, these panels are expertly fitted, promising longevity and efficiency.


Solar energy doesn't just shine during the day. With our top-of-the-line battery storage systems, harness the excess energy generated by your solar panels or other renewable sources. As solar energy gains momentum, battery storage has become an indispensable facet of a full-scale renewable energy strategy. Store the surplus energy by day, and use it during the night or peak consumption periods, making you less dependent on conventional power grids.

EV Charger Installation:

The electric vehicle revolution is here, and we're geared up to support it. Our EV charger installations are robust, reliable, and versatile, with a range of charge points to suit every vehicle type. Let us help you ensure your EV remains charged and ready, always.

Working with the best.

GivEnergyprovides premium energy management solutions at an accessible price. They engineer and manufacture a portfolio of electronic equipment designed to manage energy use and production.

The GivEnergy range includes inverters, battery systems, EV chargers, energy management software, and a host of supporting accessories. Together, these products create an end-to-end ecosystem for customers to control their energy.

With a GivEnergy system, customers can store energy –either from the grid and/or renewables. They can then peak shave and power their lives cheaply, sustainably, and with informed autonomy.

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